Lauren + Jordan


After looking through the hundreds of options available for photographers we had finally hired David. Researching through his pictures, they were exactly what I wanted for our wedding photos. Intimate, romantic and candid moments showing mine and my husbands love for each other. (I also didn’t want to spend an arm and a leg and no one could compete with his prices for the quality work he had). After meeting with David for the first time I could truly tell that he had a passion for this. How he talks about past clients and his love for photography really came from the heart. I was SOLD! We did our engagement shoot and we had chosen an outdoor spot and thanks to Vancouver weather, we re-scheduled a handful of times. Some of which were literally an hour before our scheduled shoot. David did not mind at all! All he cared about was that we had a great experience and most importantly great pictures. We finally had our shoot and me being very timid and my husband being very awkward (David don’t tell Jordan I said that haha), David was able to direct us so well yet letting us be very comfortable with him that we were able to express ourselves in our pictures so it didn’t look forced. P.S. Loove our engagement pictures! Now come to the wedding we just had on August 29th, (yes, the day where mother nature decided to turn the cities upside down with a rain/wind storm and power outages), not only did David take great pictures, he helped make our day that much more special despite all that was happening. He showed up that morning at the hotel where the girls were getting ready and we weren’t quit ready to start shooting our “getting ready pictures” but right away, being all professional, David started to scout out the rooms, balcony and started to set up our dresses all in a line to take pictures (which I thought was impossible but he found a way)! He did not waste any time! He knew we were on a tight schedule and he helped us stay on track. (Our make up girl was saying how she wished she had someone like that at her wedding cause David knew which type of pictures to take and what posses). With all the chaos during the day and now with our limited time with the rain going on and off (to hard with the umbrellas cause of the wind), we knew that as soon as the rain would stop we only had a few minutes to takes some pictures before it would come down again. When it was time, David would direct the whole bridal party so well that we were able to get amazing shots! Fast forward to our reception venue (by the way had no power), David had made our first dance so special and unforgettable. Even though we had candles every where, when we were announced to do our first dance, David had gotten our DJ/MC to announce for everyone to get their cell phone out, turn on the flash light and come close to the dance floor and surround us with their lights so that he could capture this beautiful moment, (complete surprise to us), and with that he did. Not only did we have a photographer at our wedding, we had someone who was helping with the wedding itinerary and moving things a long, someone with great humor and personality as well we were able to gain a friend. Hands down David produces great quality work and his heart and soul is truly in this. He takes pride in what he does and does what ever it takes to go above and beyond!