A picture is worth a thousand words and we hope our work speaks for itself; still we put as much care into building relationships. We are still looking for a way to bottle up all the feelings of appreciation that our clients feel about us; in the meantime, we encourage you to take a moment to read some of their experiences.


After looking through the hundreds of options available for photographers we had finally hired David. Researching through his pictures, they were exactly what I wanted for our wedding photos. Intimate, romantic and candid moments showing mine and my husbands love for each other. (I also didn’t want to spend an arm and a leg and no one could compete with his prices for the quality work he had). After meeting with David for the first time I could truly tell that he had a passion for this. How he talks about past clients and his love for photography really came from the heart. I was SOLD! We did our engagement shoot and we had chosen an outdoor spot and thanks to Vancouver weather, we re-scheduled a handful of times. Some of which were literally an hour before our scheduled shoot. David did not mind at all! All he cared about was that we had a great experience and most importantly great pictures. We finally had our shoot and me being very timid and my husband being very awkward (David don’t tell Jordan I said that haha), David was able to direct us so well yet letting us be very comfortable with him that we were able to express ourselves in our pictures so it didn’t look forced. P.S. Loove our engagement pictures! Now come to the wedding we just had on August 29th, (yes, the day where mother nature decided to turn the cities upside down with a rain/wind storm and power outages), not only did David take great pictures, he helped make our day that much more special despite all that was happening. He showed up that morning at the hotel where the girls were getting ready and we weren’t quit ready to start shooting our “getting ready pictures” but right away, being all professional, David started to scout out the rooms, balcony and started to set up our dresses all in a line to take pictures (which I thought was impossible but he found a way)! He did not waste any time! He knew we were on a tight schedule and he helped us stay on track. (Our make up girl was saying how she wished she had someone like that at her wedding cause David knew which type of pictures to take and what posses). With all the chaos during the day and now with our limited time with the rain going on and off (to hard with the umbrellas cause of the wind), we knew that as soon as the rain would stop we only had a few minutes to takes some pictures before it would come down again. When it was time, David would direct the whole bridal party so well that we were able to get amazing shots! Fast forward to our reception venue (by the way had no power), David had made our first dance so special and unforgettable. Even though we had candles every where, when we were announced to do our first dance, David had gotten our DJ/MC to announce for everyone to get their cell phone out, turn on the flash light and come close to the dance floor and surround us with their lights so that he could capture this beautiful moment, (complete surprise to us), and with that he did. Not only did we have a photographer at our wedding, we had someone who was helping with the wedding itinerary and moving things a long, someone with great humor and personality as well we were able to gain a friend. Hands down David produces great quality work and his heart and soul is truly in this. He takes pride in what he does and does what ever it takes to go above and beyond!


Words cannot express how grateful we are for David and Pear Tree. We got married this past weekend at the top of the Sea to Sky Gondola where the view was incredible, the weather was perfect, and the night was magical. I had to remind myself to take it all in because I figured there was no way any photo would be able to do the day justice. But I was very happily surprised when I saw the photos from the day, as they exceeded every expectation we ever had. They captured the day PERFECTLY, with ease and fun. David and his team are passionate, extremely kind, made us feel totally comfortable and I could not be happier with our choice to have Pear Tree photograph our wedding. We also got photos immediately after the wedding as they became ready, so we didn’t miss out on all the social media posting fun! If you are looking for a photographer – LOOK NO FURTHER ❤


The attention and professionalism displayed at every interaction with us and the other guests were fantastic. David managed to make us comfortable in front of the cameras and used his creativity and experience to transform such a special moment into remarkable memories with spontaneous shots as well as original poses throughout the day. David has done a pre-wedding shooting, tea ceremony and wedding with us, our guests and family. We certainly recommend him to any type of event or photo shoot.Thanks David! I could not have imagined my wedding without you!


I found David’s business via Google, and I will never look back. After seeing his beautiful photographs on his website, I needed to have him on my wedding day.

Being in Australia, it was tricky to have an idea of if he was the right fit for us. But when we arrived in Vancouver and met him on our big day, he was perfect. He was so professional, kind, and clearly LOVES his job. His photos speak for him. We have had an enormous amount of compliments on our pictures, and that could not have been achieved without David.

We had a party of 6 people! He created a personal package for us that suited our wants and needs with such ease. Everything from our initial inquiry to receiving the photos has been such an easy process.

In a world full of artists, I promise you that Pear Tree Photography will not disappoint you. We now have hundreds of beautiful photos to choose from to display in our home and to send to our family and friends, and also the awesome memories we had with David. Thank you so much David for your gorgeous work and for just being yourself.


I spent a lot of time looking for a photographer that would deliver the kind of image I like – candid, beautiful and utterly romantic. If that’s what you are looking for, David is definitely the one you should go to! And he is super friendly and accommodating. It was a pleasure working with him and I would highly recommend him to everyone.


I chose Pear Tree Photography to do my engagement photos and I couldn’t be happier! David was very friendly & professional and helped with directing us on how to pose and suggested locations to shoot at. We got our edited photos very quickly so that we were able to share them with our family & friends and use them for our wedding! I’ve received many compliments on my photos. Great value, creative and thoughtful. I refer all my friends to Pear Tree Photography!

My engagement photo shoot was done with Pear Tree Photography and I love my photos! They took us to a few locations for the shoot and were very accommodating to our needs. Direction was also provided on how to pose, etc which was great because we were clueless about that. We were able to get our edited photos in a very short period of time, which was great because we were able to use them for our wedding. I definitely plan on using them for my maternity photo shoot in the future and recommend them to all my friends. Thanks Pear Tree photography!


The pictures were great and you weren’t obtrusive when taking the pictures so people felt comfortable during the party.  The final results of the pictures – fantastic – you captured the event in a beautiful way and you made our product look outstanding! Thank you so much for doing such a great job and capturing our event.  I will recommend you and will definitely use you again!


We meticulously searched for the ideal photographer for our wedding, focusing not only on quality of photos, but also someone we felt we could trust and connect with. After coming across David’s pictures on his website Pear Tree Photography, we instantly fell in love with his photos, and decided we wanted to meet with him before committing to selecting him as our photographer.

We instantly felt a connection with him during our first meeting and after signing the contract both my wife and I remember feeling extremely content with our selection. David continued to keep in close contact with us, making sure that we knew he was always available to answer questions or provide a second opinion. Finally, several months later, it was time for us to have our engagement photo shoot with David. After rescheduling a couple times due to rain, we finally were able to find a day where there were clouds with some sun. From the beginning of the shoot, David went straight to work and used his “photographer’s eye” to take incredible photos. Even though there was not much sunlight on that day, our engagement photos turned out to be very beautiful. As an additional note, during the photo shoot, David was very accommodating and waited until nighttime so that he was able capture a few night time scenery shots.

We were amazed with the quality of both our engagement and wedding photos and received countless compliments from friends, family and co-workers. With David, you get the “full package,” and photos that match or exceed those of many other well-known studios, but at a much more reasonable price. Additionally, David always has a way of making you feel relaxed and natural during your photos so that you can get the best photos possible.

Therefore, if anyone is looking for a fantastic photographer who you can trust and connect with, David is your guy!


David and his team at Pear Tree Photography are just wonderful people. They captured our wedding day in the most exquisite way. We are still in awe of the pictures and the short video they made… And ladies and gentlemen, you definitely want to add the video portion to capture your memories… you’ll be so happy you did and have a life-long memory of your special day. They do such an amazing job capturing moments and highlighting the best part of your special day. We are soooo happy that we found Pear Tree (and on Instagram of all random places!) and would hire them again in a heartbeat. Their professionalism is phenomenal and communication is top notch. The value for the service and products you receive is outstanding and their price points are very fair and reasonable. We are forever in gratitude to David and his team. Thank you!!


My husband and I can’t thank you and your team enough for capturing our special day. Most couples would pick their photographers based on their price, however, we truly believe that the quality and results of the work is far more important and the investment is worth it. Your team’s professionalism, caring spirit and attention to details is like no other. The amount of encouragement and positive energy that your crew gives is what every groom and bride needs on the day of. With our personal experience, your team made it possible to fit the 10-hour window that we booked to capture as many precious moments as possible. We thank you for the last minute arrangements to make the same-day edit video possible that was originally not included in the package, the delay of leaving the hotel yet we’ve never felt rushed or worried, and catching the beautiful sunset early evening that required to end your team’s dinner time – talk about a great attitude and teamwork! Lastly, the quality of your work, dynamic of your team and the passion your team portrays speaks for itself and we don’t believe we need to explain further on how amazing you guys are. You can count on us to refer you to everyone we know.


Our Property Management Company hired Pear Tree recently to take professional pictures of the staff and provide action shots for our new marketing package.  While some of us are usually not too photogenic, the results were amazing and we all looked very sharp!  We’ll continue to use Pear Tree for all our future projects as we know we can trust their excellent work.


David was fantastic to work with and a real treat. From the very start he really listened to us and truly understood what we wanted our wedding to be about. He was very responsive if we ever had any questions and happy to reschedule our engagement shoot so that we could get the best weather. He was a great person to spend so much time with on our big day – fun and like a friend – he even managed to get my somewhat-photo-shy husband to relax and enjoy himself. Getting the preview pictures he provided the next day, and the week after was a wonderful bonus. And when we got the full batch a few weeks later we were blown away.


David is the best! When we had problems with our first photographer (who strangely wouldn’t give us our pre-wedding photos) my wife and I were left scrambling for a wedding photographer. But as luck would have it, we found David and he saved the day. If only we had met David first. Not only is he a skilled professional, he is a joy to work with. The photos and the photobooks were fantastic. David also provided extra value by giving us advice on many aspects of our wedding that we hadn’t even considered. David and Pear Tree Photography are highly recommended!


David and his team at Pear Tree Photography are exceptionally amazing photographers and videographers went beyond their ways in order to capture every moment of our special day. They catered to our preferences while providing professional advice; the photos turned out great!


David was a pleasure to work with on our engagement and wedding photography sessions. He’s easy-going but professional, responsive to questions and comments without being too directive, and most importantly, he’s trustworthy. We trust his judgement in the when, where and how of each photo, and we trust that he will deliver quality work as set out in the contract. My husband and I are not photogenic and do not enjoy being photographed, but David made us feel comfortable in front of the camera and gave us some beautiful shots. He listened to our ideas and provided valuable input without being too directive or insistent on his own ideas. I highly recommend David to friends and family!

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