Hello! Questionnaire?




  • Your coverage begins when we arrive at the start location and it is consecutive coverage until we start packing at the end of the day
  • Please let us know if you will not be providing us with meals. It is not required but always appreciated. If no meals are provided, a 45-minute break will be taken by the team in order to get food. This break will be included as part of your coverage
  • Bring comfortable shoes and take off the suit jacket while sitting inside your car
  • Avoid wrinkles by removing your suit jacket when sitting in the car

Getting Ready

  • 45 minutes at groom’s location + travel time to next location
  • 60-90 minutes at the bride’s location
  • Majority of the makeup and hair is finished prior to our arrival
  • Set aside the suit, dresses, shoes, pieces of jewelry, stationery, flowers, etc. for us to document
  • Prioritize natural light such as large window and clean environment. The last thing you will want is a messy background in your beautiful photo. Consider borrowing a friend’s place, book a hotel or Airbnb
  • We always recommend the use of a professional makeup artist that has a good understanding of the types of makeup used for photos and video. We can provide recommendations at various price points
  • If you wear glasses, then it is likely you will have a reflection in your glasses. Consider wearing contacts or contacts + fake non-reflective lens


  • Consider a technology-free ceremony! Ask your officiant to request that technology not be used during the ceremony. It keeps everyone fully engaged and allows them to capture this special moment with their hearts
  • The aisle is your runway! Take your time, smile, and look around
  • Make your first kiss count. We recommend holding the kiss for a few seconds so we can capture this beautiful moment from all angles
  • 10 minutes packing up + travel time to the ceremony (we will need to arrive at the ceremony 30 minutes before the bride to set up and get detail shots)

Photo Shoot

  • Consider swapping out heels with flats during travel. Don’t hesitate to bring a jacket or a shawl to stay warm
  • If there is a chance of rain, be sure to bring umbrellas (we can provide clear ones) and rain boots. A post-wedding / editorial shoot can be added as an option
  • 10 minutes packing up + travel time to reception (we will need to arrive at the reception 45 minutes before the grand entrance to set up and get details shots)(Ideally, we arrive after setup but before the guests enter)


  • If possible, try to set aside 15 minutes during the golden hour (1 hour before sunset) for that romantic light
  • Please ensure that we have a seat somewhere in the main area so we can continue to monitor as the evening unfolds
  • Ensure you considered every part (cake cutting, bouquet/garter toss, dances, speeches, etc.) of the reception you would like to be documented before the end of your coverage or you can add an extra hour at $450 for each service


Thank you for taking the time to read and fill out the Hello! Questionnaire? Your input will ensure that we can provide you with our very best possible service.