Kim & Jay Vancouver Club Wedding

Kim & Jay’s wedding day reflected their relationship perfectly and it was sure to be organized, stylish and fabulous! The Vancouver Club provided the perfect location for a quintessential Vancouver wedding; its stunning design and architecture provided the most perfect ceremony and reception setting imaginable. Then topped it off with stunning portraits at Whytecliff Park in West Vancouver. Between the incredible outdoor and the amazing architecture, Kim & Jay’s wedding was what the West Coast is all about.

Jay’s favourite moments with Kim are when she goes out of her way to try to be more involved in his interests. Moments like going to geeky hobby shops or going on wine tours despite her lack of tolerance for wine. Tagging along to go skiing on the mountains. Wrapping herself in bubble wrap so she could try paintball or just chilling at home trying to show interest in video games.

Kim recently realized how attached she was to Jay. When she looks at myself in the mirror, she sees a part of him in her and when she looks him in the eyes, she sees apart of herself in him. Kim loves everything about this relationship. She loves calling him right when work and hearing his voice. I love how secure I feel around him. Jay has brought out a side to Kim that she didn’t know existed.

Kim loves Jay’s patience and the way he always tries to make things better. She loves how he’ll do anything to make her happy and to take care of her. She loves how she can be myself around him and say or do anything and never feel embarrassed. Jay loves Kim’s goofy yet shy personality as if he is the only one in the world she feels comfortable to be herself around. He loves how caring and sweet Kim is and how she is always trying her best to be there for others. He loves the way she can always put a smile on his face. He also loves how strong her heart is in how it always empowers her to try to be the bigger person. Of course, he loves how obsessed she is with animals.


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